What the heart knows…

24 04 2008

‘Don’t mind what other people say,  just do what you feel you need to do to get better, even when that means sitting on the couch for the entire day, you sit there. You know what is best for you. ’, my father said to me when I was 22 and burned-out.

What I did not know back then was that this philosophy applies to all of life. It was only last Saterday that it hit me like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden, I knew deep inside that everything was as it should be. I felt it in my core. I was completely at peace with myself and my life. I saw the perfection in everything.

For the first time in my life, I really don’t mind what other people say or think, for only I know how to live my best life. This week that means enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Making an hour long bike ride every morning with my daughter through blossomming orchards stopping often to look at newborn lambs, over the dike watching the ships pass by. Seeing the world through the eyes of my one-year old, gives me the opportunity to see more easily what the heart knows as her eyes are not yet blinded by the mind.

I thank the Universe that she was led my way. I’m grateful for the loving guide she is.

Live and learn

15 04 2008

I believe Life is a spiritual journey. Everything I encounter on my way has the potential to guide me to my true self. The seemingly insignificant as well as the monumental in appearance, they both are equal opportunities for growth.

‘Can  I be the space for this?’ I ask myself when I feel resistance. Can I accept the opportunity Life is offering me? Am I willing to be taught? Am I open to this present moment?

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I am fully present. I feel how my body reacts to what is happening. I do not try to avoid what I’m feeling. I try to be transparent, let the feeling pass through me.

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I react from a space of acceptance. I accept the situation as it is. I accept the consequences of my past actions and future reactions. I accept Life is asking something of me, now.

‘Can I be the space for this?’ means I accept the gift of Life, whatever form it takes. When I’m grateful for everything that comes my way, when I allow all there is in my life to be there,  when I don’t resist life, but accept it for what it is, then even the seemingly small has transformative power.

Life unfolding

9 04 2008

Anthriscus sylvestris with ladybug

Life is the unfolding of unlimited potential. Life happens if you let it.

I am not my body

7 04 2008

I am not my body.
My body is a vessel, it carries the essence of me.
My body is the physical manifestation of the Life force I am.
It allows my being to sense everything this world has to offer.

I am not my body.
My body is dying, slowly decaying from birth to death.
My body is the temporary home of the eternal being I am.
It allows me to let go of all things material before I move on.

I am not my body.
My body is my shepherd, it leads me beside still waters.
My body is the spiritual teacher in the earthly life I chose.
It allows me to live in the moment, to be one with Life.

I am not my body
I live in this body, living proof of the creative being I am.

Stroke of insight

4 04 2008

If you have 20 minutes, give yourself the amazing experience of seeing neuroanatomist dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s moving presentation on how she experienced Life through a massive stroke.

If loading takes too long, click on this link to go to this TED-talk directly