How to optimize your SNR

21 05 2008

Ever heard about the signal-to-noise ratio? It’s a technical concept used to compare the level of a certain signal to the level of background noise. The higher the ratio, the clearer the signal gets through. To get a higher ratio you add signal and you remove noise. The same applies to life.  

To optimize your SNR, you need to amplify what’s essential and eliminate what’s not. Of course, you could add more effective habits and remove the less effective ones. But I suggest you simply add some being and if desired remove some doing. When you add only a few minutes of being a day, what’s important to you will stand out more easily. Being works both ways. It tones down life’s background noise so this  no longer obscures the signal you are desperately trying to decipher.  And it amplifies the Universe’s unique signal to you, so you’ll know who you are and what you need to do.

Sowing the seeds of Love

9 05 2008

In the past two weeks, I have learned there is a big difference between accepting life as it is and being at peace with it. With acceptance comes the power to let go, the seed that grows peace. With peace comes the power to fully embrace Life, the seed of Love. 

I had so many questions, now they’re gone. I’m left with the deep knowing that all is as it should be. 
I was haunted by the shortness of life, now it’s gone. As I breath in, I feel my lungs expand, I feel time expand. I have learned time is timeless in this moment.
For so long I fretted about the past and worried about the future, now they’re gone. No longer omnipresent, they have their place in time. The past has been archived and the future is open to be lived.

I am living through the universe and the universe is living through me, expanding every time I choose to grow. Intricately interwoven, not defined by time or space we travel together on this journey without beginning or end. I feel a deep love for all that is.  A love that is universal. A love that grows as I grow. The love that I am.