The answer was there all along…

31 10 2008

Every question that truly matters to you, will be answered. You may find the answer in a different place, through a different voice or in a different package than you expected. The answer may be ‘no’ or ‘later’. Ask anyway. Ask and let go. Of your wants, of your expectations, of your needs, even your need for an answer to that question. Ask and be ready to receive. You may not receive an answer now, not tomorrow, in a week or even a year. Ask and know that the answer is already there. Be still, listen.

Understand that everything comes from one source. Everything is, has been and will always be there. You are part of a timeless and giving Universe. Ask with faith and passion and your consciousness will expand to the origin of everything, the space before creation, where all potential lies dormant, where time and space are irrelevant. The answer to your question was there all along. Open your heart and mind to all the possible answers the Universe has to offer.  Be be grateful for the opportunity that will present itself.

Gateways to the divine

23 10 2008

anemone hybrida

can be found anywhere, anytime. Even in the backgarden, uncomfortably on your knees, looking through the lens of a camera.

What if Life is perfect?

19 10 2008

What if life is perfect? What if, no matter what it looks like, your life is perfect?

I know life can seem far from perfect. It can seem chaotic, troublesome and painful. It can even seem not worth living.

Still. What if life is perfect? What if circumstance is only external appearance? What if this day, this hour, this moment right now can teach you all you need to know to grow into who you really are, to feel whole again?

What I know for sure. When you see life as an opportunity for growth, Life becomes meaningful. When you look at what life has to offer, Life becomes abundant. When you find the blessing in a disaster, Life becomes peaceful.  When you accept life as it is, Life becomes perfect.

This little light of mine

9 10 2008

Jesus, the Buddha, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, the guy on the street,  you, me, your crappy boss, the jerk that cut you off in trafic,  the triple murderer on death row and even Hitler, we’re all made of the same light. We are radiant beings. We are meant to shine.

Some people shine so brightly, they are a shining example to others. We are drawn to these people because of their healing light. We want to be with them because through their lives we recognize our own potential greatnes.

The light of some people, however,  is so obscured it seems extinct. We instinctively avoid these people. It doesn’t feel good to be around them. Their presence depletes us. They rob us of light. 

Whichever quality your light may have, know that it is always there. It may be weak, obscured by past trauma, by lies and shame, but it is always there. Whatever your story, know that you’re not broken. You are whole. You are light. You are meant to shine.

Just shine your light as bright as you can and your light will grow. Shine your light and it’s truth will set you free. Accept it’s invitation to go through the dark into the  light. Let it lead you through your pain and you will be healed. The veils that shroud your light will be lifted, if you consciously be the best you can.