I dwell in Possibility -

7 12 2008

A fairer House than Prose -
More numerous of Windows -
Superior – for Doors -

Of Chambers as the Cedars -
Impregnable of Eye -
And for an Everlasting Roof -
The Gambrels  of the Sky -

Of Visitors – the fairest -
For Occupations – This -
The spreading wide of my narrow Hands -
To gather Paradise -

Emily Dickinson

May every day

2 12 2008

of your life 
be filled with

the unconditional love and
pure joy of a two year old

imaginative play 
and unbridled creativity

fresh beginnings
and new opportunities

constructive thoughts
and positive energy 

a happiness
that comes from your core

a holy awe that 
opens the mind to being

the spiritual freedom
to express your true self

the awareness of
a purpose greater than you 

God’s presence
and eternal being 

 the deep peace
of knowing God