All this, and more

22 03 2009

May I be wise like a river finding its way without effort, innocent like a lion killing without guilt, safe like the unborn baby in a woman’s womb, strong like the mother heaving a car to free her child, beautiful like an old woman dying without regrets.  May I be all this, and more, knowing I’m like the Universe, always expanding.

The gift of Love

18 03 2009

May my life be an open book to anyone who wants to read it. Where my mistakes will show you that I, too, am simply human, I did not love myself enough. Where my triumphs will open your heart to the possibility that you too are a child of God, meant to shine brightly, like the sun. May my life be inspiring. May my presence be healing. A gift to all. Amen.

Reclaiming my spiritual integrity

17 03 2009

Hidden in the chaos of these past weeks was the greatest gift of all. Buried under layers of pain, my soul’s intention was waiting to be found. Use this lifetime to become whole. Accept the truth of who you are.  Be true to the essence of yourself. Live with integrity and everything else will fall into place.

Like a fire

16 03 2009

Pain is the great purifier. Like a fire, if you let it roar, pain will purge your soul of all that is not true. However sharp and almost unbearable at times, this pain will destroy all that is keeping me from being who I can be. What I know for sure right now is that this pain will allow me to become a clearer manifestation of Life.

Not to know

15 03 2009

These last weeks, I learned that there is no wrong and there is no right, there is just the way things are. My emotions tell me one thing, my mind another and in-between on a higher level resides the awareness that tells me ‘that it is all right not to know, that I will find my way, that everything will work out just fine.’