Pause Obstacle no1: overexpectation

27 03 2013



Welcome to part 7 in this series on letting go. If you’re new, here’s part 1 and if you missed one, here’s part 6.

Let’s bring to memory part our first session of the Mind Agility Training. I asked you: If the training field were to represent your life, what course are you going to run? What do you dream for your self? What vision for your life is growing on the inside? What do you want to give birth to? Who is it that longs to come out and show herself to the world?
Pause obstacles are spaces designed to become still, this stillness allows for self-awareness to emerge, which helps us connect to the vision we have and make choices that are in alignment with it.

To train our mind to pause we’re going to combine our mind’s ability to recognize patterns  with the command ‘pause’. Imagine the dog running over the field, like a whirlwind, going over and under obstacles. When it comes to the pause box you say ‘stop’, ‘wait’ and after several seconds ‘go!’.
Let’s make the pause box a simple designated area on the ground. The first time the dog encounters the pause box, it will most likely pass it without noticing. Our job is to associate our command ‘pause’ with certain cues. As I said in the previous article, our minds are very good at recognizing these cues. All we have to do is activate our inner-Google, type our query in the search box and hit the looking glass button. After we have done that our mind will start highlighting thoughts that match our search query.  There are several kinds of cues we can instruct our mind to look out for. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pause Obstacles

13 03 2013



Welcome to part 6 in this series on letting go. (if you’re new, go to part 1 or if you missed getting out of the thread wheel go to part 5) In the past two articles, I did write on letting go, and although I recommend you read them if you want to learn more about the process of letting go, I did not include them in the series for the simple reason that they didn’t fit the format. Today, we’re going to continue the Mind Agility Course. And have a got a great subject for you, training your mind to pause on purpose. Such a powerful concept. So excited.

In dog agility, pause obstacles are marked off areas where the dog must pause, by either sitting or lying down for a designated period of time, usually about 5 seconds. Imagine a dog running full speed through the various obstacles and then when it arrives at the table, instead of crossing it one way or the other, as it does with all the other obstacles, it has to stop. You would think that it is a difficult exercise, however it is not, for the dog it is like any other exercise. Like our mind, the dog’s mind works with cues. The new cue is a marked off area, like a table or a box, which means stop. In these exercises, we’re training to stop the mind on purpose, even when it is going full speed.

Our minds are used to running around, simply because we have let them for so long. No more. If we want to get to the finish smoothly and quickly, we must teach our mind to follow the cues. In this exercise, we will train our mind to stop when it sees marked off areas designed for stopping. The reason we want our mind to stop is so it won’t keep running as it usually would. By stopping, we interrupt the normal flow of things. And in that moment, awareness is born.

What do I mean when I say, ‘awareness is born’? Read the rest of this entry »

Let it Flow

6 03 2013



Letting go is a process of releasing what is weighing us down and consequently holding us back. Letting go is the releasing of energy that we have stored in our bodies and minds. When we resist something, the energy contained in the event is stored. Everything is energy vibrating at different levels. Everything in the Universe is vibrating in and out of existence. The slower the vibration the more solid we perceive it to be. On some unconscious level, we know a rock to be more solid than our bodies, and a pansy to be less solid. When we resist what is happening in the moment, we resist the flow of life,  we don’t allow the vibration of an event to pass through us. Every trauma is stored away energy, and everytime it is activated and we don’t allow it to be released, we add to it. Everytime we add to it, the vibration slows down and this package of energy that we are holding onto is becoming more dense. At first it may have been just be a twig in the flow, but before we knew it we created a dam and it is blocking the flow, considerably if not almost completely. We built it to feel safe, at first it worked for us but when we grew up it  and kept adding to it, it started working against us. Now we have to let it go to feel safe again, let go of the pain and the fears that hold us back. Letting is coming full circle. Letting go will allow you to be who you have always wanted to be.

I started the deconstruction of my dam over 10 years ago. I did not really know where to start, so I just took twig after twig. At times, the water would start pooring through and I would fear the unleashing of all that water, the loss of control, and I would Read the rest of this entry »