Let go, and let God

28 05 2014



I don’t know when or where I heard the expression for the first time. It was years ago and it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who said it. Let go and let God. As with most things that resonate and stick, it was just the beginning of a journey, where I first understood it intellectually, then embraced it emotionally, then experienced it physically and now am starting to live it. And at every point in the journey, the meaning of the words changed slightly and the truth became more apparent.

I recently heard a story of a retired couple who on a Friday lost all their savings. The wife loved checking in on their accounts. That Friday, their accounts were empty. She called the bank so they could reassure her it was a mistake and all would be solved. Yet the banker said there was no mistake, their funds had evaporated, he was truly sorry. The wife panicked, and her husband said to her: we still have our ‘trust’ fund, don’t we? That weekend, they let go and let God. On Monday, the ‘evaporated’ money had mysteriously reappeared, a computer glitch it seemed.

Einstein appears to have said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I know this to be true. The glasses through which we choose to see life determines not only what we see, but what we live. Of course, maybe it was ‘just’ a computer glitch, but I choose to live my life as if everything is a miracle. Choosing to see miracles, my life is is abundant beyond measure, because I get to live miracles.

We are vessels of God (or whatever you call the Life force that inspires us to take our first breath), and trust is the carrier. It is as simple as that. When we trust, we allow God to work through us. There is nothing else we have to ‘do’, just be still and trust that all is going according to God’s plan. I have learned through experience that, whether we are aware of it or not, our perception of reality influences what happens next. I have learned that when we love, when we see beauty and perfection, when we trust God to work through us, we create a miraculous reality. I am a mystic, not a physicist, but it looks like our awareness either disrupts or harmonizes the basic fabric this universe is made of. Trust harmonizes, fear disrupts, we get to choose.


Picture by Gloria Cheng

System reset

21 05 2014



I wish I could tell you what healing feels like. I wish I could tell you how it affects one’s life. But I can’t. Even after having healed several parts of my life, I am still speechless. The miracle of healing is a system reset. The old parameters simply don’t exist anymore. The past has happened, and I can remember it, but memories that stood out have lost their sting, becoming just another memory in the stream of memories that is my past. The beliefs and consequent suffering that were attached to them are gone, and I cannot remember what my life felt like prior to the healing. I cannot remember the pain.

I wish I could tell you what it feels like to all of a sudden stop doing things you have done for a lifetime and start doing things that before you shrieked away from. To be relaxed where before you were stressed, or to know that everything will be allright where before you were sure the heavens would come down on you. I wish I could tell you what it feels like to be emotionally light, to not be tied to the past anymore or worried by the future, to be free-floating in this moment. To be able to feel fear, see it for what it is and choose grace instead. To have no shame left. But I can’t, it is indescribable.

The thing I can say about miracles is that they are the result of a shift from the mind to the heart. When we stop giving attention to the mind and start giving attention to the heart, we go from a mind-perceived world to a heart-perceived world, or soul-perceived world.  When we shift from ‘why did this happen (to me, to us)?’ to ‘how can this help me / us heal?’,  and are willing to forgive and love for no other reason than love, then healing happens and miracles occur.


photo by Whrelf Siemens

Spiritually savvy

14 05 2014



Yesterday, I was listening to a seminar by Caroline Myss and she shared an image I want to share with you. She was talking about the distribution of our life force, our energy, and said that we should see ourselves as energy investors, bankers, and that with every investment we make, whether it is a thought we give energy to, a memory we go back to, an emotion we fuel, a relationship we invest in or an action we spend energy on, we want to make sure that we get a good return on investment. Do we spend our precious life force on the things that give back more energy than we invested in them, things that make us feel alive, things that make us soar? Or do we spend our energy on the things and people that drain us, that take our precious energy supply and give nothing back or too little to sustain us.

In order for us to spend our energy wisely, we Read the rest of this entry »