Gateways to the divine

23 10 2008

anemone hybrida

can be found anywhere, anytime. Even in the backgarden, uncomfortably on your knees, looking through the lens of a camera.

Have a great day

25 07 2008

May these sunny-colored houses brighten your day.  

Life unfolding

9 04 2008

Anthriscus sylvestris with ladybug

Life is the unfolding of unlimited potential. Life happens if you let it.

Spring green

24 02 2008

helleboris orientalis

So pure and fresh, only new beginnings tend to be.
This spring, the soul awakens to a renewed me.
Open to my own evolution, this spirit will soar.

A winter nude

9 12 2007

a winter nude

True beauty can be found in the smile in an elderly lady’s eyes. In the wrinkels on her face. It is proof of a life well lived.

Little feet

2 12 2007

little feet

Only one day old, these little feet were ready to go. Designed to walk you through life, they’ll take you to your destiny if you let them. 

A rose

18 11 2007


is a rose is a rose is never just a rose…

Warm your heart

11 11 2007

orange dahlia

When storms have left your heart barren, when life feels cold. May these orange flames warm you, may they open your spirit to all that is beautiful. 

Unique beauty

4 11 2007

waterdrops salvia officinalis

The waterdrops on these purple leaves of sage inspire a sense of amazement. The unique beauty of each drop opened my heart and mind to a new realm of possibilities.  


28 10 2007


It’s almost November. I know. The weather is gray, the wind is cold, leaves are falling. Nature’s energy is waning. Except for this clematis in full bloom. Time stood still as I took a moment to immerse myself in it’s timeless beauty.  

Autumn delight

21 10 2007

macrolepiota procera

The delicate texture of this toadstool’s velvety skin, bursting with delight in the late autumn sun.

Mirror of my soul

14 10 2007


Walking through the woods, collecting horse-chestnuts for their beautifully dark and shiny skin, I was awed into silence  finding nature’s mirror in a shell .

Purest of make-up

7 10 2007


In shady places, dew drops lie still for hours, displaying their beauty with ease.

Still going strong

30 09 2007

verbena bonariensis

Flowers are getting rare this time of year. Their colours are fading. Some, however, can still hold up their heads.


23 09 2007


Enjoying life is about enjoying the small things, like this butterfly warming itself in the September sun on one of the few flowers left.

Last of the summer green

16 09 2007

 hydrangea paniculata

Enjoy a last splash of lush green. Delicately filtered light through thinning leafs.

Let the dawn dawn upon you

9 09 2007


Feast your eyes on the diffusing light, smell the moist green air, feel the tingling of the tiniest waterdrops on your skin.

Autumn is coming

2 09 2007


Nature is preparing for the finale. One last burst of colour before she takes a well deserved rest.