A complaint free world

13 11 2007

I guess everybody knows someone who’s always complaining. She just goes on and on and on. Nothing ever seems to be right. How I ‘d wish she would just stop whining. Yesterday, someone burst my bubble of holiness.  I may not have been complaining about the weather, I sure was complaining about her whining. I honestly believed I did not complain so often. I was shocked to see how much I actually do. I may not complain out loud, but it’s not the verbal expression that makes the complaint, it’s the thought itself. In this short period, I have learned it can be very subtle, it can come in a myriad of disguises, but they all have in common a sense of victimization. This feeling of being wronged diverts my attention from all things good and beautiful. That is not how I want to live, it is not who I want to be.  So this morning I went to A Complaint Free World and ordered my purple bracelet. I invite you to do the same. Be the change you want to see in others.


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13 11 2007
Lillithmother (13:50:29) :

You are the 2nd person I’ve come across who has joined this group, and blogging about it. One more time and I just may have to join. ;-)

Peace & shakin’ the tree,

13 11 2007
Ellen (15:12:19) :

Good idea! Can you also buy them in the Netherlands?

14 11 2007
norea (09:16:59) :

@ lil oh dear … life is hard. ;-)

@ Ellen I don’t know, but I’ve bought a bunch to give to family and friends.. if your interested, one will be available for you soon in the Netherlands. Under one condition only: you’ve got to come and get it yourself. ;-)

14 11 2007
Kayci (17:33:04) :

I read about the purple bracelet idea, and have been trying it out myself. Instead of the purple bracelet I went to a local store and bought a beautiful bracelet from India with dragons on it to scare the complaints away. I find it hard, even with the bracelet, to realize I’m complaining. Luckily I have good friends to call me on it.

14 11 2007
Mark (20:38:14) :

It is good that you recoginized that all thoughts count, not just the ones you say out loud. Good for you. This is a very powerful lesson.

14 11 2007
norea (21:08:30) :

@ Kayci Welcome! What I’m learning is not to take myself too seriously. I’ve discovered that when I think of learning as play, I take out the stress of having to live up to a certain standard and put back the fun of learning something new I experienced as a kid. So what if I trip? I laugh at myself, I get up and try again. How long do I keep up this time? Give it a try. Life just becomes so much easier. Have fun!

@ Mark It’s all about intention.

14 11 2007
Sara (22:13:53) :

Hmm, als ik zo’n armband zou dragen dan kan ik natuurlijk niet meer zeuren want dat zou inconsequent zijn en daar zou ik dan weer uren over kunnen zeuren.

14 11 2007
norea (22:28:07) :

@ sara Tja, niemand dwingt je…, hoewel dat natuurlijk een geweldige reden tot klagen zou geven. ;-)

14 11 2007
Tejvan Pettinger (23:52:56) :

Hi Norea,

I like your blog, and this post in particular. It’s not easy to avoid complaining, but, I’m going to try harder. I admire the fact you can write in 2 languages :)

15 11 2007
norea (08:19:17) :

@ Tevjan Welcome! Thank you, I do my best.
I just realize that trying to avoid something makes it more likely we bump into it at some point. Remember the exercise where you’re told you can think of anything, but don’t think of an elephant!… So maybe it is not as much about how to stop complaining as it is about practicing gratitude.

15 11 2007
Kayci (19:24:36) :

Thanks for the Purple Elephant Comment. I’m changing my bracelet from a no complaint bracelet to a gratitude bracelet. Great Advice!

16 11 2007
norea (08:45:45) :

@ Kayci I couldn’t agree more, great advice it is. I surprised myself. :-) Love to be surprised that way!

17 11 2007
norea (14:05:32) :

@ Kayci I just realized, to succeed gratitude alone will not do. It has to be combined with action. What can I do to change the situation and then act. We can do this. :-)

18 11 2007
Kayci (20:40:52) :

Action is key, one thing I’ve started doing is every week when I do my bills I send a Thank You card to someone. That’s been a lot of fun, and I’m always on the look out for cute Thank You cards now.

19 11 2007
norea (10:08:49) :

Love the idea!

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