Blog break

21 11 2007

On the road, it is adviced to take a 15 minute break after two hours of driving. After posting 87 consequent blog entries, I need a break from blogging. These last months have been great. Publishing my thoughts and not wanting to break the cycle has forced me to focus on where exactly I was in life and rethink where I wanted to go. It allowed me to clear my mind and get real. Sunday, I felt like I hit a plateau. I started noticing surges of restlessness. For me, a sign I’m stuck in a pattern and need to make some readjustments in order to move forward again. That’s what I’ll be focusing on in the week ahead. I’ll be back from my blog break November 30.


One response to “Blog break”

26 11 2007
Mark (23:16:24) :

It is good to take a break! Enjoy your time away and come back with new thoughts!

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