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5 03 2008

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6 responses to “Full circle”

6 03 2008
Mark (05:54:48) :

Thanks for sharing how this book impacted you. I have not yet read this. I have started listening to his book “The Power of Now”, which is also very good. It is wonderful that you are feeling a new freshness in your life.

6 03 2008
norea (11:30:58) :

I was amazed by the clarity of Tolle’s writing. The level of energy radiating from it seems to be very high (hoping I’m making any sense here). Please let me know how The Power of Now affects your life. That is, if it does. ;-)
As always, love to have you here. Thank you for responding and sharing!

6 03 2008
Lillithmother (18:02:36) :

excuse my reluctancy to read this book norea. you see i delved into ‘the power of now’ his other book, and it hurt my brain every freaking paragraph. it was too much to absorb and process. and i gave up on it. it’s still on my bookshelf though…i believe such a book still has the potential of helping me, but clearly i’m not ready for his message just yet.

so i gotta ask, did you find you had to stop frequently to ponder his message and apply it to where you are on your path, or does it flow gently from one stepping stone to another…nudging you along, but at your own speed? because then, and only then (i serious), i might open up to the first page and take a look…


7 03 2008
norea (21:05:15) :

Hi Lil,
I guess it is not necessarily an easy read. I’ve been reading and learning about these spiritual principles for quite some years now. And for me it sort of tied everything together perfectly. So yes, maybe you’re not ready, but maybe Tolle is not the one to teach you. If you want a book that introduces you to the same principles in a more gentle way,The Four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz might be just your cup of tea. In essence, the message is the same as the principles are universal.
Love, Norea

12 03 2008
Lillithmother (12:59:45) :

four agreements ~ read it, loved it, still read it occassionally! i too have been reading about this principles for years now, different teachers…tolle’s message is not original per say, it’s just that his voice is the one being listened to today. have you delved into Shatki Gawain’s “creative visualization”?? written in the 70′s, she was a woman of her time, and her voice is eternal…lol, i guess i resonate with her as a teacher than i do tolle. thanks norea! peace, lil xo

12 03 2008
norea (20:26:47) :

I just googled Shakti Gawain. I’m sorry to say I had never heard of her or the book for that matter. I will put it on my list and look into it when the opportunity arises. Thanks!

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