Life will lead me

5 02 2009

I know Life is perfect, even though my life feels chaotic and painful in this moment.  Life is as it is. I may not like it, I may wish things were different, but these thoughts won’t get me anywhere. To go on with my life, I need to befriend this moment, this pain. I need to make peace with this moment, the chaos. I need to accept I have created this moment by not being true to myself.

I don’t know what the future will bring and that’s okay. I know Life is everchanging. I know Life will unfold through me when I stop resisting, stop fighting. Life will lead me when I trust everything will be all right, when I have faith this moment can teach me all I need to know to grow into who I really am, to be true to myself.

I  don’t know what to do right now and that’s okay. I lay down all wants, needs and expectations. I will do nothing, I will make no promises, I will not try to make things work, I will not be who I’m not. Instead, I will trust Life to lead me. I know the answers can be found within. All I need to do is be still and listen. I will pray and meditate. I will open my heart to all the possible answers the Universe has to offer. And I will trust my heart to pick the answer that is right for me.


5 responses to “Life will lead me”

6 02 2009
Liara Covert (20:06:56) :

You always know what to do, but you do not always have the faith in yourself to do it. Every choice you make often has unconscious motives until you learn what the ego is and act to detach from what no longer serves you.

6 02 2009
Mark (22:08:55) :

You got it, just “be”.

7 02 2009
norea (19:41:40) :

Dear Liara,
Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I know what to do. It is a knowing that goes beyond emotions, beyond reason. Before sharing, I’ll just be with it some more.

7 02 2009
norea (19:45:34) :

Dear Mark,
Yes, I do. Btw don’t you think it’s interesting I wrote the previous post almost a month ago, for someone else. At that time my life still seemed to be in perfect order. It is as if everything I’ve been learning these past months has been culminating to this moment. How about that?

24 06 2015
Smokey Mirror » On bottlenecks and cutting knots (14:09:33) :

[...] So I decided I want to get good at decision-making. I want to overrule conditioning and work around biology. From where I stand that means that I need to start cutting the seeming Gordian knots in my mind, preferring wrong decisions over no decisions, trusting that everything will work out just fine. Whoa! Getting nauseous only thinking of it. I am terrified of making wrong decisions, and allowing myself to make them will require a high degree of self-compassion and extreme self-care. Which means too that I will need to grow up and let go of any resistance I might feel around taking the best possible care of myself, whatever that may mean at any particular moment. Life feels best when the energy is flowing freely, when I feel part of the Flow. Flow IS Joy. Allowing Flow is allowing Joy. What I want not only is a joy-inspiring life, but a flow-allowing life. Flow requires balancing doing and being, dreaming and acting. I am all pro inspired action, but I now see that like anything else this requires practice and fine-tuning. I will allow myself to make decisions, the best possible decisions, celebrate them no matter the outcome, and learn from them. Life will lead me. [...]

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