Unique beauty

4 11 2007

waterdrops salvia officinalis

The waterdrops on these purple leaves of sage inspire a sense of amazement. The unique beauty of each drop opened my heart and mind to a new realm of possibilities.  

Seek, and you will find

25 10 2007

Have you ever experienced all the pieces falling into place? To me, it’s what I live for. Feeling my perception shift. Knowing I’m about to take a quantum leap. Knowing the world will be different when I get to the next level. There is a sense of anticipation. I do not know what to expect, but I know my life will change in ways I cannot  begin to imagine. I’ve learned it will be a change for the better.
It always starts with feelings of restlessness, like I’m out of sync with me. Things are changing and I cannot yet pinpoint how. I start noticing things I never noticed before, sensing connections I do not yet understand and finally it all comes together.
This is my lifelong quest: hunting for answers I do not yet understand to obtain a goal I cannot yet imagine. It’s about finding my holy grail. I have to prove myself worthy of finding it. I have to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually before it will be revealed to me. More than anything I believe that when I seek, I will find.

Connecting the dots

22 10 2007

Long ago, I learned that knowing something does not automatically mean I will act accordingly. What I have come to learn last week is what every preschooler already knows: my imagination can help me connect the dots……
I know eating sugar and saturated fats is bad for my arteries, so I try to eat as healthy as possible. Indulging myself with little amounts of the darkest chocolate. But in the face of temptation, I failed miserably. Last week, I got as a present a large tablet of high quality milk chocolate; very unhealthy, but very yummy. I ate it in two-and-a-half days. Afterward, I felt so guilty, my imagination took hold of me and played some scenes right out of a horror movie. I saw milk chocolate lining my arteries, clogging them up with each piece I ate. I was only days away from a chocolate induced heart-attack. All of a sudden, I had no need for anything that had either sugar or fat in it. Bread, water and some fruit was all I wanted. Next time, I’ll use my imagination before I start eating. I’ll imagine my arteries being be the prettiest any doctor has ever seen for someone my age; like the arteries of an 18-year old: flexible and smooth. Did you know the condition of your arteries determines what your skin looks like? Now you connect the dots…