Life can change for the better


Take a chance and open your heart and mind to the possibility that your life can be transformed.Let my life inspire you to take a new view on life, to adopt an attitude of open-minded inquiry into who you are and what you believe. I’ll share with you anything that fuels me, hoping you too will be inspired to start a journey towards your best self.

My journey started when I was 27, when all I wanted was to end this all-consuming pain. It was my moment of truth, the beginning of my transformation. Nowadays,  I celebrate my life. Everyday, I’m grateful to be alive and amazed by the sheer beauty of it. I constantly challenge myself to see life as it is, rather than how I believe it should be. I try to let go of anything that holds me back.  I want to be able to thrust forward, be who I am meant to be. I’m striving for zero resistance.

When I started this blog, it was easier to write as Norea. It was a name that energized and fueled me. Today, I am perfectly comfortable writing under my own name. So don’t be confused by the use of both names, it is one and the same person.


Love and Light,


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5 11 2007
Wouter (21:54:56) :

Serious business hoor! Maak je die foto’s zelf? Wat een talenten allemaal.

Wouter R.

5 11 2007
norea (22:54:32) :

Hoi, leuk je te ‘zien’.
I guess most people are sort of shocked when they read about a potential suicide. To me, it was rock bottom and a blessing in disguise. It has become a catalyst for change in my life. Nothing but good has come from it. It has made me who I am today, I wouldn’t want it to be any different.
The pictures that illustrate blogposts are from others, but photos in the category ‘photos’ I made myself.

13 11 2007
Lillithmother (13:47:47) :

Norae, glad I found you ~ thanks for the link here!

Sister, I know about the deep need to just disappear into the ether…to want to kill yourself (myself) because life is too painful and burdensome. I’ll be writing more about my post-partum depression in the months to come, and how, like you, I’ve come to see my depression as a gift…

Peace & shakin’ the tree,

14 11 2007
norea (09:01:04) :

Finding beauty in the darkest days of your life, you create a new future. It is the first step in transformation. It allows you to see valuable lessons, to learn from them and move through the anger and pain. You gave yourself the precious gift of life. Live freely.

9 04 2008
Enreal (03:48:16) :

Norea… Your strength is amazing, your courage greater… blessings and light to you always… Thank You for your wisdom and grace…

9 04 2008
norea (21:06:18) :

I am no different than anyone. This strength and courage are part of our true nature. I was just blessed to have the opportunity to uncover them. Thank you for your blessing.
May you be blessed. Namaste, Norea

22 09 2008
FRESHtoDEATH (07:06:15) :

I can relate to everything in the second paragraph other than the suicide slice. I swear I’ve been depressed for the past couple of years and that’s overwhelmingly hard to admit. I have not yet begun my journey of healing. I still need to find a free therapist to talk to.

29 09 2008
norea (20:28:47) :

Know that you are whole. Know that you have the power to heal yourself. You might need however a good therapist that will help you lift some roadblocks. Don’t get just any therapist. Find one who knows you are whole, one who is focussed on who you really are, one who knows that your true nature is temporarily obscured by some trauma, one who is focussed on learning you how to work through pain effectively, now and in the future.
Dr. Phil’s Life Strategies has helped me enormously. Not just read, but do the exercises. Dare to take an honest look at your life. Take care.

4 10 2008
FRESHtoDEATH (21:03:29) :

very interesting i might just have to give that a the way thanks for all your advice too!!

9 10 2008
norea (08:28:11) :

Be well.
with Love, Norea

19 11 2008
vinod (04:42:57) :

People like you are badly needed now in days. Situation of young generation is getting worse day by day. Depression, drug addiction, and what not there are many such things which are taking control of new generation. Your story is beautiful and we all must take responsibility for better and beautiful future.

20 11 2008
norea (22:52:55) :

By sharing our love and light, in all the ways imaginable, we will create a beautiful future.